Embed Picasa Web Albums Slideshow

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1.  Go to the album you want to display in Picasa Web Album.

2.  Right-click on the button and "Copy shortcut" (?).


     e.g. My Beautiful Album

     (You have to be logged in to your Blogger account)

6.  Not at
     Get the code

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very cool. If I want to show my own picasa web album, what do i need to change?

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thanks,very cool!!!

How does it work in FF?

I already have one flash slideshow for Flickr on my blog post.

In another post I tried putting the slideshow from another album in Picassa using ur widget.

But if both of them exist on the same home page of my blog, then things get garbled up.

The new one shows images of the second one. ALthough one is from picassa and another from Flickr.

Mail me at if you can solve this problem.

Thanks !!

Firefox bug, reload the page.

I enter my Picasaweb did not find the slideshow button.

So Please tell me how I install this on my blog!!


ndiiaI enter my Picasaweb did not find the slideshow button.

So Please tell me how I install this on my blog!!


hello ppl i just copied the slideshow shortcut and clicked on post in my blog...but it is sayin your client has asked for an illegal operation....wat do i do ppl to have slideshows on my blog?????plz tel me ppl i really need a slideshow on my me at

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This is amazing! Works a treat on my WordPress... Thanks!!! Barry P

Thanks for doing this! It worked like a charm and plus it made me feel so smart!


ps is there anyway to add music to a slideshow in picasa web album?

This is cool - thanks!!

However, I have a problem. In Blogger, when I go back to edit a post with this code pasted in at the bottom, the text for the post appears for a second and then vanishes and I can't see it anymore, nor can I click on the edit HTML link. Any ideas?

Email me at if you have a chance.

Anyway, I love this :D


thanks for the trick! but you don't have to do this anymore! Now Picassa itself gives you the ability to embed your album's slideshow in any webpage;

read it here:

btw,if you logged in to your picassa account & didn't see the "embed slideshow" link on the left panel of your album page, you have to go to settings & change your language to "English (US)". then you can see the "embed slideshow" link.


Any simple way to make the slidshow default to 1 sec. instead of 4 sec.? I looked at the code and there wasn't an obvious tweak to make.

Thanks again.

PS the picasa slideshow maker doesn't default to autoplay.. at least for me it didn't.

Very cool! Thanks!

Workt OK, thankskb

I just added a Zenfolio slideshow using this script. You can check it out here:

I would love to know how it looks on other monitors. Please let me know at

Thanks for the great function.


Everything works fine. But I have 3 colums in my blog and now the show is to small!

What can I do??

My images do not resize to fit the embedded slideshow

Cool! Thanks a ton. I used your tool to create my own slide show.

no meu não funcionou... ele coloca o título da postagem, mas não mostra o slide... o que será que tem de errado?

It's weird how some people can't see that link on the left. I can't either, but a friend of mine can. That's why I made this useful Picasa Slideshow Embed Tool. Hope this will help all of you!

I am able to use the embed function and it works great but, it doesn't have the feature of viewing the slides in full screen like the example.

Can anyone show me the code for the example above and where I enter my album link in the code?

Thank you very much

Thank you so much...Really Lovely

Thanks a lot!
It's in my and I used it many times.

Thank you so much!!!! It worked on Wordpress

That works a treat.
Check it out on my site at

It works on Wordpress 2.3 but there is a strange phenomena. It is impossible edit again the post saved with this code inside. When I have to update the post I have to do it directly by sql.
I think this is a small price for a very nice thing. Thank you.

Cool slideshow.
But you should also consider ComBoost
It works on blogger too, and the advantage is that you have several models. You can customize than, add titles, comments, change colors to fit the blog, and even add a link to photos so that it can become an index for the blog.

Sorry, it just doesnt work!!!

thx its ammaizing in wordpress!
greetings from hungary :)

Works well :D Anyone know how to turn off the autoplay? Having a few of these videos can be anoying.

OMG!! now i can`t edit the post!!
i used your template, but it fucked up my blog! now it cant be edited!
please, any suggestions? i have the same problem someone up there, when i edit, text appears, and then it disapears, and then links are unavailable :S Please someone help me =(

if you can, please contact me at

I've managed to publish a slideshow from Picasa, but I can't get the images to go to the full width of the sidebar. Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks, looked everywhere for something like this!

Good Work!


Forget all the problem with flash slideshow (embed / object)

Define exactly the options of your slide show using media RSS with Blogger

More informations here :

Blog Aide- Diaporama

and here :

Slide Show and Media RSS

I followed instructions to post the slideshow on my blog but i only can view it on fullscreen.
How can i delete it from my blog?

Anyone know how to turn on the autoplay? My slideshow doesn start.


Hello Lander
I check your blog,

SLide Show seems ok ?!

It doesn´t work with Internet Explorer 7.

Nice page. Also visit

Really interesting post, I have some really important tech secrets to share as well.

I hope this helps.

If you have a website you can also use picasa to instantly export some really awesome looking galleries for your site.
There is a video tutorial for this at

I tried it and it left black boxes on my blog that link to picassa albums but dont play :( please help

Can you help? i absolutly love the mush blue xml template but is there anyway to get it html?? please..

very nice work...we use your technique at

we are regular to your website...keep up the good work

Is there a way to change/remove the black border without compromising the actual size of the photos?

Super Thanks for the Coding Applet..that was super cool. You Rock.

I can't watch the slide show, it shows me black, but i can view the images on fullscreen. Can someone help me?.

Great widget. Better than picassa embed code. :)

please help me. im.. begining.i instaled Picasa web album slide show but ... works only in full screen :(. can somebody helps me pls? i dont know why?


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thanks,very cool!!!

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Hi there,

How do you set the time to be 5 seconds automatically. 3 seconds is to quick for me? Is there a parameter in the links? I know it can be set by clicking the '+' button but I want it to start automatically at more than 3 seconds, say 5 seconds. Is there a way?

Thanks in advance, appreciate any answers.

Please email the answers to me at jonnxxl@gmail just in case I forgot to return to this page.. thanks again..

thanks,very cool!!!
How do you set the time to be 5 seconds automatically,3 seconds is to quick and the pictures dont download very quickly
did you have asolution to quick out off fullscreen ?


A general explanations here, with the code

And the code for blogger here

Thanks for your post viti-vino. I have created a Picasa Google Gadget which allows one to show a slideshow of any Picasa album in the left pane of GMail GUI interface. You can get info from



Now you can an EXCELLENT code to embed Picasa sideshow in your blog from Picasa.

Go to your Picasa album look at right side in this album, click Link to this album then you'll see a link Embeded slideshow. They will give you opportunity to choose size, do you want autoplay it or not.

Thank you for the post!


It does not work out for me.

You can get cod for embed Slideshow from Picasa if you change your Picasa-settings for language to English(United States). It does not work for another languages yet...

I explained all this in details and pictures in my article Embed Picasa Slideshow (in Russian) but I have automatic translator.

Best wishes,


L explication en français ici

Anyone figure out how to add mussic???

See my blog, I added my picasa slideshow. Easy & Simple....

Damn sure didn't help me! Now I've got this hugh black box on my blog page and I can't get rid of it! I hate the Google Bloat!

Is there another way to copy shortcut? when I right click I have no option to copy shortcut. I ran on the same problem that Rhonda Parson did. I was able to remove the empty black box by going to postings and then edit postings and removing what I had just posted.


Thank brother


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Thanks for your text.

Sorry I dont speak english...

Um this didn't work for me at all. thoughts?

There is no 'copy shortcut' after clicking on slideshow. ??????????????

can i use it in my own web hosting?
coz, i want to have a photo gallery in my web but host the images in picasa or flickr

Hi, Is there a way to escape or x out of fullscreen back to the original page being viewed instead of getting booted out of the site into the Picasa album?

Thank you


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There is no "copy shortcut". I see no way of adding my slide show to my blog!