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Excelente plantilla.
Excelent template.

Pretty good, but the post archive has a bit of a big-sized font.
Good nonetheless. ;)

How do you create this kind of expand-collapse pictures like the preview of this template?. It seems it´s working under a kind of flash plug-in, isn´t it?

I want to make my own template. can you tell me? also how can i use a background like s08. thanks

Good , some out of box thing.

Hi, I noticed that you're using lightbox on you blog. I have tried using in with my blogger site and have had no luck. Can you tell me how you did it?

Hey Can u pleae modify the TypoXp theme for Wordpress to use in Blogger? It will be a great help.

Hello, the S08 is a great looking template. do I get to the dashboard? I don't see any links to it?

Hi, I love this template but I fail when I paste it in HTML in Blogger. Can you help me?

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hello,i've recently downloaded ur S08 template and used it as my blog template
but the problem is, when i view my blog, the background could not be viewed(it could be viewed only after i open the background picture first before viewing my blog)
and also, when i viewed it with IE, the whole template becomes...a mess...why is this so?
i hope u can answer me, thanks a lot

Great looking template. I wrote a blog praising your fine work here. I look forward to using more of your templates in the future.

excelente tema, actualmente lo estoy usando en mi pagina pero tengo un problema: Nose como expandir el fondo transparente. Agradeceria mucha tu ayuda. Puedes escribirme a gracias.

english (Google Translator):
excellent theme, at the moment I am using it in my page but I have a problem: I don`t know how to expand the transparent bottom. It will be great your aid. You can write me to
Thank You ;)

Vorn Blogger Templates:

hey i added the template to my blog...its looking very nice in firefox....but if i see the page in internet explorer 6....i cant see anything....means the background is not seen at can check in my blog as i am keeping it for 2-3 days....please look in to it as the template is very good....

Hi there!

Dear Author of this template,
could you tell me why it doesn't work in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Explain with samples you can find on my blog:

Regards, malawika.

i am having the same does not work with ie :(

if IE cannot dispaly this template..
i think yopu can use proxy services to dispaly this template..
can we used it?

I'm using the S08 template at my blog:

I have the same problem. it doesn't work in IE6.

Also, I have experimented some problems at the design page of blogger with this template.

I don't want to change the look of my blog. Is there any way to solve those problems????

Thanks in advance.


Thanks alot for this great template.

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The designs you come up with are really great and as I work for a company that specialises in website design leeds you know I mean it, it is not often people put their designs but these are just great.

It is diificult finding a design that is right for your site or blog and especislly one that is more unique I spent hours searching for the right design for homebase garden furniture before I actually found one that was what I thought was the right one, there are some really great designs here and not many people will have these templates it is great to see people share their work.

thank you nice sharing

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It's a nice template.Presently I am using a blogger 3 column template at and have customized the sidebars but it's a new domain (not the blog) and I haven't gotten used to the header.I'd like something broader and I am still keeping my eyes open for new templates here.Although I understand this one was posted during the last year,it's quite an eye catcher.

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Have a nice day :)

i cant find a way to make read more format for my posting...the template xml setting is not well formed said by the can't i fix this?how can i make read more..pliss help

wont work for me :S