Sudoku Widget

The Sudoku widget generates random puzzles with five different levels of difficulty and shows when you have entered an incorrect answer.


i love the gadget
thank you!

Thank you very much for this widget!!

I was looking for just this.

I'm still looking for a neat cute Puzzle Widget for my Blogger Raetselschatz Blog ??

Well, thanks, keep goin'!

tHis is great!
Thanks for the widget!

Thank you!
I want more widgets!

Beautiful, I especially like the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 template
Thanks again סוככים

Esta re lindo el blog, te felicito!!!!

Nice collection buddy,
still i was missing 3 column templates. Finally i created myself...

thanks for the widget, i love it!

thanks for this widget, i love it....

Great Widget

Great Widget

its a very nice one...thanks a lot

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great. thx

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very very nice widget coz I like play sudoku. thankyou very much :)

its a wowwie widget...
fixed it in my blog too

wow! i didn't know that this widget exists! O_O

you are full of surprises! good ones!

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I found out how to put this on your igoogle page.

This widget was really cool. Thanks!

Learn how to solve Sudoku Puzzles with little effort

Very good

Very cool online Sudoku: Sudoku Arena with nice graphics and patterns (smiley, yinyang..).

How do I go about creating my own template? I suddenly have a great interest in creating some. please get back to me, Thanks

Obrigado, este Sudoku é muito legal.


nice this templates

Very nice ! I also use this widget from Domo-Sudoku

Very nice ! I also use this widget from Domo-Sudoku

This is a nice widget. I would also like you to look into The Sudoku Times (, that allows you to play free unlimited sudoku puzzles for free of easy, medium and difficult complexity.