Add an image to your blogger header

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Easy to do, but useful for begginers.
Nice work.

I would love to know how to actually get my image to fit the top of the page. Despite my multiple attempts to crop the image down I end up with an extra long image that creates a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Any tips? Thanks!

It's Useful to me! Thanks:)

Ryanne - SUPER!!

You've explained it sooo well that I'm gonna try it out right away!

Thank you! :)

thank you!
really it is nice work
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How abbout centering your photo? I have my image on byt now my description will not fit??

Thank you! Even though I've been using Blogger for upwards of three years, I had no idea I could do this.

I'm trying to find a template or header that had either poppies or clovers on it. Anyone know where I could find one?

Thank you very much, I jut didn't know I could do that. And thank you for talking very clearly, it was really helpful to me (I'm French)

Thank you... For blog is my reference to learn to do things in Blogger...

Keep going on it! It's amazing! :-)

Regards from Spain,


Really clear some things up for me!

thx Ryanne!

PS.: i love your voice! :-D

Uah! Finally!
Thank you very much: really useful!

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Need som help with my template on

With IE7, the left meny is "moved" to the bottom of the page. On Opera and Firefox, this is not happening.
thx Helge

Thnx for mentioning about
Launching Comment Box - Widget for blogger

but the link is wrong the link is


Thanks for adding my link "Adding a recent comment sidebar widget for blogger". I am surprise at the traffic form your blog. I see that you are still active on your blog, but why no more blogging?

Really clear some things up for me!


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Hi, I have a question maybe you can help me. I am wondering how to get a header like this one one that goes to the edge of the page... here is my site.. thanks :) email me your reply at

like this blog a lot.Helps to change the layouts completely.I will work out on these templates.Thanks

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thanks a lot it is really helpful :)

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wow. you make it seem so simple now. thanks loads. but i would like to know how to make the image fit the headers.

Cheers, you sound like Rosaria Dawson.

Hi, I have two question. Pleas answer to me:
I: How we can put “more” or “continue” link in our post in blogger?
II: How can I put a category (label) in another column? For example: in left column we have a ordinary blog and in right column we have just postes of single lable.
Please answer to me.

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nice templates friend...

also their are some good templates at

That was brilliant explaining.

Thanks for that.

the templates are very good. i hope u will add some more

muito bonitas essa template

De Graça é Mais Gostoso

This is the BEST explainer on how to make a custom header i've found out there! If you'd like a header that stretches across your blog page, try shooting for a width size of 650pixels in Photoshop. It worked for me!

Beautyful template,Thanks


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thanks for the templates.


Thank for all templates.....

I enjoyed your post very much it was very interesting. Your layout and template look great. I have a blog myself at

Have a great day!

Created by an angel. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much :0) Mel

thank you!

This was really helpful...

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hi, i would like to know how to centering my photo in the header? or probably make my photo to fit in the header. thanks.

Hey, thanks so much for the tutorial, I am new to blogging and your site helps a lot.

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Thank you for sharing!!^^

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Thank you very much for your blog templates.Now my blog cool look and I would apply it on another my blog.Thank again( )

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very helpful. thanks

Cyber Monday

I have done the steps you have described, but my picture won't show up. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

Okay but what if I want to have my Logo on the left and my photo on the right instead of behind?

hey my blog also very nice

Nice post. thanks for sharing this one out.

Great, thank you, thank you for the video and explanation!

yep its nice ...

Great, this really helped me! Thanks a bunch.
Cheers from Sweden!

this tutorial very harmful for seo

That was AWESOME!!! I followed your tutorial the entire time while fixing my header! Thanks. & Your boy wanting you so watch the show with you :), that was just precious!!!!