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beautiful template ,

I respect your absolutely good work ,

I applied it on my humble blog :

Hi! I need some help
I want to apply this gorgeous template to my blog, and whenever I save the changes, the template isn't there. It's just a plain white screen with an empty blue picture box. Help?
Please email

I can't see your sidebar .Have you replace all your sidebar links such as hacking post,widget post ,archive post etc?

gimana cara downloadnya koq g ada sich

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nice template. thank's for sharing


it's have a missing picture...
the butterfly is gone..

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i've tried to apply it for my blog but i could't....
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Hi i love this template it is just what i want, but when i transfer it into a saved document, it does so in a zipper folder, when i try and transfer from here to my blog layout template, it will not pass it as it is not an XML template, is there a way around this? would love to hear from you soon.

thanks Marion

hi ..i like this template but i cannot transfer it to my new blog...


how to use it?i've downloaded it but i cant use it in my blog...n i would appreciate it if u tell me how to use it...thanks

i like it......

Hi, iam speak spanish and my ingles es very bad, lol, but
where fixed problems this template in IE and problems top comments in firefox?

solutions this problems, this template is great....


I like this template.I want to apply this template to my blog.but it is not Download,pls help?

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im having trouble uploading this template, would love some help pls. send me a download link or send me the file to my email. thanks!

this template really nice n amazing bt how to get it

relly nice this template

i've tried to apply it for my blog but i could't....
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Anyone which is not familiar with code above (copy paste), can download template from my blog.



PLEASE HELP ME!!! THIS ISN`T WORKING:(( it`s my mail.... i would like some help!

I have no clue had to apply this on my blog, HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

It's very nice!

how to use it?i've downloaded it but i cant use it in my ekleblog n i would appreciate it if u tell me how to use it...thanks

blog ekle

Good work thanks

please help me, after i using this template, i cannot do any setting or posting new entry ...

there is no button at the page and i don't know how to create new entry or change setting at all....

can u come n help me out ?

please teach me in my comment there, please....

finally!! i template that works! and thank God that its beautiful!

nice colors.

When I download this template... the browser show HTML code.. Usually there is .zip file or .rar file... so what must I do??

nice template my friends

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Wau.I really long to have such a template. May you pliz advise?


i cant get it to work it just says:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity


Heyy I really like this template but I'm not sure if it would work with my blog.

I have pretty much alot of info there and it's currently 3 columned :(

I'm scared to apply it because I'm scared I lose stuff.

If you get a chance, could you come by and take a look and let me know if it will work?


good job !

Thanks so much for this template. It is beautiful, and I’m so happy I found it.

Hey, I added this template to my blog but the butterfly does not seem to appear. I get a blue question mark picture box instead. Any help?

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im new to this an di have no idea how to do this if you can help me please help

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