This is gorgeous.
I'm going to try it.

Nice template

Nice template. Thank you.

Thnkx a ton man..... itz reallly gr8 !!!! I did use it up fr ma blog !!!

como pueedo ponerlo en mi blog? ayuda por avor...

wow wow wow !!

beautiful template ,

I respect your absolutely good work ,

I applied it on my humble blog :

beautiful template wow wow wow !!

How can I use this at my blogger-acount? How do I do?

nice template and trust for me use this.

i love this template.........., thank u..... :)

amazing!!!!!!!!! i like it

i like i've try and now i use it as template in my blog perfect i like....

the template is gorgeous...absolutely loved it..thanks a bunch...check the effects on my blog at!!! take care!! XOXO >.<

anyways, wishing you a very merry christmas!! since it is the occasion...:)

i've tried to apply it for my blog but i could't....
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same thing here...couldn't apply it on my blog..

I can not get the html code for any of your templates! I use opera mini on sony ericsson phone! I want one of your templates!!!

danke schön

i cant get the template to work on my blog nothing seems to come up when i push preview

I like the template

Can't get it to work... Help?

help me...

Nice templates! By the way, you're gonna love this article:

"How To Change Blogger Tab Icon"

Check it out at my blog.

thanks for them all...

tank kang...

It's beautiful but I was wanting to show dates and not times...can I change that?

My site is


pues yo lo pongo y me sale error de noseque..
poor faavor AYUDAA!


Many thanks, I will try this template.

wow..captivating floral design and WEB 2.0 appeal with the glossy finish.
Will go excellent for a "girly" blog.
Kudos to the designer!

nice nice :D


Though the template looks good but can't use it. I think the tags are not properly closed.

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Muy bueno

hi ,..nice template..but how do i go to my blog settings from here..i cannot see any option for new posts or signout or anything....

Truly a Master Piece!
Template Magician

nice, really like it. i applied it to my latest blog

It looks really nice, but when I used it on my blog it didn't work. It was just alot of photobucket pics everywere :(

??? this template is down

beautiful template!
great job on it!
I love it! <3

Is beautiful!! Thank you

This is a great one! Thank you fot sharing!

OEPS! 'fot'= FOR ;)

nice job..
luv it! ^^

this template will not work unless u edit the xml elements. This is the case with most custom non standard blogger templates

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Great Designs. I like all your designs. Thank you.
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it's template useful in followers related Service blog....

very nice thanksssssss.witing more

thanks for the template ! it is gorgeous on my blog !

Tell ne How to edict my template pls at

Nice one good template

Nice one

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