The Crazy Ones

with the original 'Crazy Ones' Apple commercial

 Here's to the crazy ones

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hey, I love the idea of this template, just how do I get it onto my blog?

You go to and push create

actually I was wondering how I get the code, I'm a bit new to blogging

In order to post this to your blog, click on the template image above, then if you are using Internet Explorer, go to View > Source, and the Source code of the template will load, usually in Notepad. Go to Edit > Select All in Notepad and then Edit > Copy. In your blog account, go to the template page and clear all the current contents and then go to Edit > Paste to add the template. Save and republish.

There are some instructions here - Change the Blogger template - but this assumes the blog template will have a select all button in a content box, which this one does not.

Good luck and happy blogging!

Great template! Just one thing: what's the code to make appear the name of the poster on the end of the post before the timestamp? Thanks